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About Black Human Resources Professionals of Canada

Black Human Resources Professionals of Canada Inc. (BlackHRPC) is an incorporated volunteer-based not-for-profit organization. We accelerate careers, break barriers, and cultivate networks for our members. We enable career advancement and representation of Black HR professionals and students. As a Black-led and Black-focused professional association founded in June 2020, membership with BlackHRPC provides many benefits. We directly support HR Professionals across Canada who identify as black through networking opportunities, learning events, mentorship, career support, mental health and well-being support, volunteer opportunities, career opportunities through our job board portal, and our “Ask the Expert” advisory discussion board.

Mission & Vision


Black HR Professionals of Canada (BlackHRPC) exists to visibly increase and support the culturally engaged Black Diaspora to excel academically, prosper professionally and positively influence the HR community.


Our vision is that emerging and experienced Black HR Professionals across Canada will have access to professional success, networks and development to prosper in the field. Through our collective leadership and advocacy, BlackHRPC envisions the inclusive transformation and improvement of all workplaces.

Our Motto

At Black Human Resources Professionals of Canada, we work collaboratively to…

Accelerate Careers

Break Barriers

Cultivate Networks

Our Story: Representation Matters.

Words from our Founder, Tanya Sinclair:

“I founded Black Human Resources Professionals of Canada in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd left me angry. I decided to channel that anger and sadness into something positive for my community. I asked myself: What can I do? Is HR a bridge or a barrier to advancing the unique needs of the Black community? There is a representation gap in workplaces and in the HR profession. A lack of representation, lack of support, and therefore a lack of inclusion. I felt that I could channel the highs and lows of my lived experience and the lived experience of other Black HR professionals by creating a supportive network for us and led by us.

A 2021 HR membership survey by the HR regulatory bodies in Canada HRPA and CPHR revealed that 2550 of 51,000 members identified as Black. This represents 5%. In founding BlackHRPC, our Board is on a mission to find and connect those 5% to form a professional association. With Black HR Professionals of Canada, we have created a network so that we can come together to break barriers and to create awareness of the vast amount of workforce talent that exists in the Black community. Employers say they can’t find Black talent. Here we are! At BlackHRPC our leaders and volunteers are working to help change workplace norms by advancing and supporting the needs of Black HR professionals and students across Canada through mentorship, learning events, HR expertise access, and career support.”

What We Value

As a growing group of professionals set out to advocate for positive change, these are the areas we focus our attention on the most.

Disruption of status quo through leadership & advocacy

As a not-for-profit organization, one of our focus is to create change for Black HR professionals by advocating for inclusive work environments.

Driving Community Engagement

Lasting change is not possible without community. Our work creates a space where our voices are centered, and we engage as active partners.

Collective Work

As a not-for-profit organization driven by dedicated volunteers, we utilize the skills, initiative, and generosity of our membership and supporters to serve and to grow.


BlackHRPC is focused on the career, cultural and educational elevation of Black HR Professionals while ensuring cultural consciousness and engagement within the Black Diaspora.

Creating safe
& positive spaces

Our organization prioritizes respectful behaviours and fosters well-being. We strive to create a sense of belonging for Black HR professionals where they can openly share, connect, and thrive. Our members support each other and are no longer “the only one in the room” at BlackHRPC!

How We Support Black HR Professionals

Community Funder

Thank you to our community funder, the Black Business Initiative (BBI), along with the federal government of Canada ESDC, who made funding for this website and our business setup possible. We are grateful to the Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative (SBCCI).

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