“I love BlackHRPC because it gives us a platform to connect with other Black professionals. Giving space to really talk about issues that are relevant within our society.”

Jonah S.

Placemaker (Recruiter). Toronto, Ontario

Thank you to Black HR Professionals of Canada Inc. BlackHRPC, Amanda and Tanya Sinclair, CHRE, for helping me--us! to become a bit more aware and a bit more ready to push for change as we challenge the systems that exist today.”

Andrea K.

HR Professional

“BlackHRPC is a warm hug on a cold day. It is a space to comfortably discuss and ask questions about the Black experience in HR and know you do not hallucinate about what you see. It is also a solution space where someone has an answer about the challenges faced.”

Ibiye N.

Short-Term Absence Specialist. Whitby, Ontario

Thank you again Black HR Professionals of Canada Inc. BlackHRPC for your time and session, I enjoyed and learnt so much, especially, being the first and only Black African to hold my current position, this session will guide me moving forward, thank you again and keep it up with great work.”

Patrick N.

Director, Community Services

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